Luxury Hotel **** - Moorea -French Polynesia

Show in Fenua Mata'i'oa


 Fenua Mata'i'oa Hotel offers magical shows with dancers, singers and musicians - performances in the finest tradition -
All our shows are very beautiful and high quality.They are moving and you will find Polynesia as you dreamed.It's a traditional group with 'mamas' to the inimitable voice, dancers, musicians whose entire life is dedicated to the tradition.
The group is called 'Pupu Mata'i'oa' (pupu means group in Tahitian language). Eileen created the group in June 2007 and since then, the 'Pupu Mata'i'oa' is the delight of our visitors.
All our shows are private and you can reserve for your sake.

SHOW 'HA'AMAITA'I' :(a word that means 'to make good, bless, give thanks)
A very special hour-long performance punctuated with songs, dances and a dance of fire.

Reception to the sound of 'Pou' (shell) - Music and traditional songs -