Luxury Hotel **** - Moorea -French Polynesia

Fenua Mata'i'oa Hotel - Activities

 In Polynesia, the principal activity is idleness...to drink a fruit juice or a cocktail in a lagoon at 30°...to contemplate...
But if you are active, you will not be disappointed. 
Side mountain, Moorea is a tropical garden.The tiare competes with the hibiscus, the frangipanier or the heliconia and hundred other still with splendid colors and ennivrant perfumes.It's a color ground with carved mountains and peaks in charge of legends, penetrated of luxuriant valleys.It's necessary to discover them, traverse the marvellous pineapple plantations,of vanilla, to stop in front of a MARAE (place of worship and social life), stone building, place very often taboo, of communication of the large priests with the guardian powers.
It's necessary to visit the two bays, bay of Cook called formerly PAO PAO (to pronounce POPO) and the bay of Opunohu which contrary to other bay is more wild, darker and a little worryng.At the end of the bay of Opunohu rises with arrogance TOHIEA or ''Tooth of shark'',a superb rock piton.
Each one of its two bays has its own master kay and it's impossible to say which is most beautiful.

 To see activities

Discover Moorea’s lagoon aboard a Polynesian outrigger canoe
Full Day - 5 to 6 hours - To discover Cook's bay and its magnificient mountains. Cruise through Moorea's lagoon to go meet friendly stingrays and black-tip sharks in shallow water. To enjoy some fruits and relax on a beautiful sand-bar at the motu (islet). You can then go snorkeling and admire amazing fish and coral reefs. A delicious lunch (chicken, fish, vegan) is served on a quiet white sand beach, with your feet in the water. You will then be brought back to the hotel. Towels, masks and snorkels provided.

 FENUA MATA'I'OA Hotel is located in the most exceptional site of Moorea.It's the paradise of the water sports, the walks in boat and the diving. 
Side sea, we will take along to you to make marvellous ballades in boat or dugout.You will discover to 2 mn of the hotel, splendid Tikis carved, you will swim with rays and sharks, you will make idleness on a motu (small island) and you will plunge to admire our fabulous sea-beds.
We propose to you privative excursions in boat or dugout and a ballad in dugout to see the sunset with champagne.
From July to october, you will discover the spectacle of the whales, a unique spectacle to see absolutely if you have choosen to stay in Moorea between july and october.
 Lessons of traditional polynesian art
 From July to October, the fantastic spectacle of whales 
Encounter wild dolphins and whales.
All the years to the same period, the whales comes from Antartic to reproduce in Moorea.
It's a majestic spectacle absolutely need to see if you have chosen to stay in Moorea between July and October.The rest of the year it's the discovery of dolphins and all the wonderful aquatic fauna.

 Internal activities 

At your free diposal :Books, games.

INTERNET :You can access Internet from anywhere in the hotel (free very high speed connection )

Upon request, rent a bicycle, scooter or car.The renter will give you the vehicle of your choice at the hotel.

 Massages / Beauty treatments