Luxury Hotel **** - Moorea -French Polynesia

How to go to Hotel FENUA MATA'I'OA?

 Since Papeete, the boat or the plane 
Since Papeete, the boat or the plane
A : Ferry dock
B : Fenua Mata'i'oa hotel
With the plane, the time of flight is 10 mn.
At your arrival, a shuttle can lead you to the hotel or we can come to seek you.
In boat, you have the choice between the catamaran and the ferry, is 30 mn or 1 hour.
You can come with your vehicle or we can come to seek you.

 See/To better know Moorea
 You arrive at Moorea with a vehicle 
You arrive at Moorea with a vehicle
You arrive by the boat with your vehicle or you rented a car at the airport:
Take the direction of MAHAREPA (while leaving the boat or the airpoirt, to take on the right).Pass the two bays (Bay of Cook and Bay of Opunohu), exceed PAPETOAI.You will pass in front of INTERCONTINENTAL hotel.After INTERCONTINENTAL, you will see a signpost "VILLAGE TAHURA" on your right.The hotel is located within the Village Tiahura.
Take the second entrance of the village.
You will see a signpost "Hotel FENUA MATA'I'OA" just before the portal that you must take.(Just before "Tiahura grocery store" and the veterinary clinic.)
Pass the portal and take the second way on the right.To follow until the end and you will arrive at the Hotel FENUA MATA'I'OA.